To do business efficiently, you must communicate effectively and for that, you need professional letterhead.

A letterhead is the main medium of official correspondence for all businesses. If this letterhead does not have a professional look, the very impact of the communication is lost. This is why it is a must to have the letterhead designed professionally by experts.

A professional letterhead is bound to impress and evoke interest in the viewer. This is why most entrepreneurs opt for professional letterheads.

Guide to Creating a Quality Business Letterhead Format

Here is a guide to creating a top-quality business letterhead.

  1. What software do you intend to use?

Before designing a top-quality business letterhead, you must decide which software suits you the most design it.

Most laymen and amateurs think even MS Word would do but unfortunately, Word has its graphical limitations and is more of a documentation tool. Professionals usually go in for Adobe InDesign or Illustrator. Illustrator is good for designing a single-page format.

The most popular software used for letterhead design is Photoshop. But here just ensure that the canvas is set to 300 dpi to avoid pixelation in print.

  1. What is the size?

Business letterheads are of various sizes depending on the region. In the United States,  the letterhead size is 8.5″ x 11″. But in most other countries, the standard size is A4 which is 8.27’x 11.7″.

It is always better to adhere to the regional norms for the letterhead, as using a unique size may only add to printing costs for both the letterhead and the envelopes.

  1. Bring in a border

A letterhead may look plain and uninteresting unless you add a touch of difference to it. Why not add a border to bring out the contrast in the plain letterhead? This border will instantly draw attention to the letterhead and can be quite striking and eye-catching.

Nowadays, clever designers are experimenting with borders using graphics in borders or color gradients in the border to give an appealing and unique effect.

  1. A bold header can surely speak out

Use a strong bold header with rich color to speak your brand voice n the letterhead. This bold header will surely attract the attention of the viewers and portray your brand emphatically. This is great for using your letterhead for creating a brand identity and recall.

  1. Introduce a spine column if needed

Do you have many details like multiple contact numbers, branch addresses, social media IDs, etc to display on your letterhead? Then, it is best to create a pine column on the left to lay out all these details to perfection.

This spine column gives an orderly appearance to your letterhead and creates an interesting design as well.

  1. Always display your logo boldly

A professional letterhead always bears the company logo boldly at the top. Wherever it may be aligned, to the left or right, be sure to position the logo in such a manner as to catch the audience’s eye.

The logo is the embodiment of the brand value and hence it must be creatively designed and accurately presented. Experts like Printshop take extra care in rendering the logo to perfect resolution as they fully realize the value of the logo in branding.

  1. Experiment with design and color

If you want your letterhead to stand out, you must add a touch of difference. You can do this by experimenting with color and unique designs. Experts have several templates online from which you can choose. They also have an in-house design studio with which they create awesome designs.

  1. Stay in sync with the audience

Always stay tuned to the audience and match their pulse. If you cater to the young crowd, splurge on riotous color. If you cater to an elderly audience, it is better to stick to sober colors.

Design your letterhead professionally with the help of experts who have the required experience and expertise to make your letterhead look truly efficient.

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