“Time is money” in the modern business world and no one can make you have time more effectively than self-inking stamps. Yes, self-inking stamps save you time on mundane chores. You don’t need to waste time writing your business address or phone number, marking “Paid” or “Delivered” or noting the date on mail, correspondence, or receipts, and invoice. Plus, these stamps showcase the text rather neatly and it is a  much better option to scribbling letters on a document in sloppy handwriting.

Some self-inking stamps are used to even print business signatures on routine correspondences. This is why all firms, big and small, make it a point to include self-inking stamps as a part of their must-have office supplies.

Attractive, affordable, and easily accessible, self-inking stamps make everyone’s job at the office, easy and organized. So, the first thing you must do while setting up your office or refurbishing it is to order some high-quality self-inking stamps from a trusted supplier.

Tips to bear in mind while ordering self-inking stamps

Here are some tips that you must bear in mind while ordering self-inking stamps. Make a mental note of these points when you purchase a business rubber stamp.

  1. Order not one, but the whole bunch

When you order self-inking stamps from the stamp provider, do not just order one company stamp. It is better to get the whole collection of self-inking stamps for office use like the ones mentioned below.

  1. Company name and address stamp – This stamp is highly useful in noting the company detail on the outgoing correspondence and documents, files, promotional gifts, company products, and all company-used items.
  2. Company seal – A round or rectangular company seal Is the symbol of authentication of the official document. So get this printed and keep some spares in case one goes missing. Use this seal for stamping the delivery sheets of couriers for incoming documents.

iii. Date stamp – Always have a date stamp printed to be used for stamping incoming and outgoing letters and parcels. This helps you keep track of the date of documents received and sent.

  1. Paid stamp – A “Paid” stamp can be used to mark the bills paid and I highly useful for accounting purposes.
  2. Checked stamp – This “Checked” stamp can be used to mark the invoice verified by superior authorities in your office before being sent to the client. They can also be used to mark bills of material or inventory lists while making purchases for the office.

All the above-mentioned self-inking stamps are mandatory for administrative use in the office. while ordering in bulk, the cost of printing might come down and in one shot, you have all your office’s stamping needs covered.

  1. Check your logo printing on the self-inking stamps

Your company logo is a must on the self-inking stamps. But if it is a complex logo with multiple layers and patterns, it might be difficult to reproduce for ordinary stamp vendors. However, for an expert stamp provider, this Is just child’ play as they have an endless year of experience in this field. Furthermore, with their in-house design studio, they can even design and create the artwork for your logo.

For perfect logo rendition on the self-inking stamps, always provide the artwork of your logo in high resolution. all artwork will be converted to 1 bit-monotone image before printing. So it Is better if you get the artwork done by a professional stamp provider to avoid any errors.

  1. Check for embossing

Company seals with your company logo look best when they are embossed. Self-inking stamps with embossed seals also leave a good marking and are best used on materials such as invitation cards, gift coupons, certificates, gift vouchers, promotional literature, etc.

So, check with your stamp provider if they can provide embossed stamps that add a classy look to your printing.

  1. Check for usage of stamps on different materials.

Nowadays, self-inking stamps are used to imprint different materials like paper, cloth, wood, plastic, CD, and even circuit board! Check with your stamp provider on which material your tamp can be used.

Normally the type of ink used in the self-inking stamps varies from material to material. For instance, laundry ink is used for clothes, opaque ink for glass, and so on. So, if you want to use your self-inking stamps for different materials, get an additional ink pad to change the stamp and learn the method of doing it from your trusted stamp provider

  1. Maintaining your self-inking stamps

Your self-inking stamps (also called ‘pre-inked stamps’) will last a long time and give you thousands of impressions. However, you have to maintain them properly. Keep them in a place that is safe and secure instead of leaving them around in random areas where they are prone to get lost or stolen. Learn from your trusted stamp provider how to clean and maintain your self-inking stamps.

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