Old windows will often beget the need for installing windows that are brand new. That’s because you can’t live with failing, aging windows for too long, otherwise, you will begin to feel the effects that come with them. These include a loss of energy efficiency, an inability to prevent precipitation from seeping in and damaging your interiors, and poor aesthetics that can significantly reduce the curb appeal of the home.

You may even detect vulnerabilities in your old windows putting them at risk for being easy targets by thieves and intruders who have plans for robbing your valuables. Not to mention that your windows are designed to allow natural sunlight to enter the home to liven it up and illuminate your living space.

Since you rely on your windows to do so many things for you and your home, it just makes sense to be sure that they are performing to the best of their ability. This is not intended to suggest that just because your windows are old they’re going to give you problems. Many homes have older windows that function properly and maintain their looks long after the homeowner may have expected them to fail.

But we here at Olympia Window want to offer homeowners some words of warning as to the potential issues that can easily crop up as windows age and begin to break down. These tell-tale symptoms of malfunction can be something relatively simple to repair or it may require an entire replacement of the window.

Yet no matter what the diagnosis may be for your particular situation, it pays to address the situation as early as you can. The longer you wait, the worse the problem can become and, above all, the more it can cost to fix. So if you find that your old windows are showing the following obvious signs of age, you should take action immediately to rectify the issue.

Broken Panes

Cracks or fractures in the glass of your window is an eyesore and it poses several potential threats in the form of higher energy costs and possible damage to the interior of the home. Busted window glass can be a real problem, yet one that isn’t always dealt with in a timely fashion.

That’s due, in large part, to the fact that most homes have windows that contain multiple panes. So if one of them breaks or shatters along the exterior, the interior panes are barely keeping the wind and rain from getting in, but that’s about all they’re doing.

What you’re losing out on (besides living in a home without broken windows) is the ability to prevent leaks of your climate-controlled air from occurring on a routine basis. That’s because multiple panes are designed to keep your air from seeping out through your windows as they provide multiple barriers to prevent air from escaping.

After all, windows are poor insulators. Yet when one of those panes is broken, that leaves one less barrier for the air to get through. These leaks can reduce the energy efficiency of the window in question, while also giving the water a way to get inside your home. Rain and snow can get in through a busted pane and cause serious amounts of water damage.

Compromised seals

It’s not just broken panes of glass that can compromise the operational integrity of a window. The seals of a window can also begin to fail, leaving them just as weak and vulnerable as if a pane were shattered. The seals of the window can break down over time due to corrosion and excessive wear and tear.

Unfortunately, you may not yet realize a seal has been compromised until you find visible evidence in the form of condensation developing between the multiple panes of a window.

Limited Functionality

A window is supposed to perform certain basic actions to continue working properly. It must open smoothly and shut tightly. There must not be any interruptions or malfunctions of these basic actions and, if there are, then your window needs to be checked out.

The methods by which you open or close that window can vary based on the type you own, this can also pose a potential issue in the successful operation of your window. Cranks fail, sashes get stuck, tracks become obstructed, there are many ways for a window to lose functionality.

Old windows may start to demonstrate these and other similar functionality problems and they need to be repaired or you run the risk of the problem getting worse.

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