If you’re currently living in a small one-bedroom place and have only a few items to move then you can easily accomplish this on your own. But, if like many others you live in a slightly larger place you will find that it is easier to hire a professional moving company to help with the moving process. You might not know this, but moving home is somewhat of an art. Fragile items need to be treated as such and if you do not have the right equipment this can be a stressful time for you and your family.

Professional movers are skilled in packing items to ensure minimal loss. Skilled movers will know exactly how much weight can be placed on each box and where these items would need to be placed inside a van. Additionally, if you are moving heavy items you could seriously injure yourself if something should go wrong.

Choosing the right removal company

The items in your home are everything you own. These items are valuable to you and you need to make sure that you have the right people for the job. Whether you require the services of small van removals or a larger company you can rest assured that the right business to help you with your move is out there.

Start by researching companies in your area. Ask friends and family members who have made use of removal companies for referrals and check online ratings for companies. Once you have narrowed your search down to at least three companies, you need to call each one and ask for a quote. You will need to be honest with the company and tell them exactly how much they will need to move. Ask whether they will include the use of packaging material in the quote. Once you have settled on a company you need to book their services and pay a deposit.

Company briefing

As mentioned before, you must brief your removal company properly. The chosen company needs to know the following:

  • Items which may be specialized packaging; this will include antiques and highly valuable items
  • Items that may be harder to move than regular items such as pianos and large cabinets
  • Large furniture items such as wardrobes which may need dismantling on the day
  • Loose carpets, rugs, and curtains
  • How many items you will be moving yourself
  • Where the items will be going into their new home

Getting insurance

One of the key things you need to ask when signing up for a removal company is whether they have the right insurance for the job. Ask the company what would happen if they arrive at the new property but cannot unpack items. Ask about delays on their side and if they are covered for it. Always check to see if the company you have hired has the right removal insurance and what the limitations are. If you have a large number of high-value items you need to make sure that these will be covered should there be any damage.

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