Whether you are adding an extension, building from scratch, or working on a remodel, an architect can offer valuable insight into your build. The architect can help make the project meet your needs and desires. Both commercial and residential spaces can benefit from the unique perspective of an architect. Here are some tips to make the most of using an architect.

Initial Consultation

Like any professional, you should have a first meeting or initial consultation where you can interview the architect and explain the project. Not every architect works well for every project. Consider what architectural planning services the firm does and whether they suit your needs before making the appointment. Once in the interview, discuss the deliverables, fee schedule, important pieces of the project, and the architect’s approach.

Design Phase

The architect comes to the project site to analyze the existing conditions. The design phase starts with a focus on the functionality of the design, the layout of the rooms, and the building’s interaction with the surrounding land. The architect may use photos to help the client envision the space and come up with ideas for the project. The design phase can take some time to complete depending on how much back and forth there is.

Documentation Phase

The architect makes 2D renderings of the approved designs. The client reapproves the new renderings and then permits are sought to begin the project. Most municipalities require the right permits before construction starts. This process can lengthen depending on the speed of the permitting department.

Construction Administration

Once you have your permits and an approved design, it’s time to find a qualified contractor. The architect may have some recommendations for you to interview. Some use a bidding process and others don’t. The contractor is typically determined before the permit processing is complete. The architect checks on the project during all stages as frequently as a few times a week.

An architect can help you reimagine your space and make the entire process go smoothly. Your new space is ready to be enjoyed.

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